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How Nutrikane R Helps Gut Health

Benefits for gut health.

Scientifically formulated with natural ingredients that:
Peristalsis Diagram

Promotes Peristalsis

NutriKane R is not a laxative, but it does help to reduce constipation by improving the overall health of your gut and promoting healthy bowel movements.

Support Microbiome Function

The combination of natural dietary fibres found in NutriKane R make it a powerful prebiotic.

The powerful prebiotic nature of NutriKane R promotes the growth of healthy bacteria and reduces the amount of inflammatory bacteria in the microbiome. And a healthy microbiome, means a healthy functioning gut!

Stimulate the Intestinal Tract

The fibre in NutriKane R also helps to stimulate the entire length of the intestinal wall (mucosa). This stimulation helps with the absorption of nutrients and the production of essential hormones in the Hind Gut.

Key Ingredients

Sugarcane Fibre (sugar removed)

We take fresh cane, wash it to remove the sugar and grind it under little heat to capture all the goodness. The sugarcane we process and use is high quality. It is an insoluble fibre that contains micronutrients and antioxidants.



Commonly used in the making of jams and preserves, pectin is a little known naturally derived soluble fibre. It helps to balance the insoluble sugarcane fibre in NutriKane R while also adding micronutrient value.

Apple, Lemon & Lime Powders

Combined, these minor ingredients add further nutrient value and give NutriKane R an enjoyable fruity taste.


Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Soy Free

Nut Free

No Artificial Colours or Flavours

No Chemical Stimulants

A new 'Farmerceutical' approach.

Quality Ingredients & Minimal Processing

We source natural, high quality Australian ingredients from trusted sources to create our range of 'Food as a 'natural' medicine farmerceuticals. Minimal processing ensures they maintain their nutritional integrity.

Scientifically Formulated

We carefully analyse the nutritional content and medical value of all our ingredients and combine them in such a way as to create targeted 'Food as a 'natural' medicine therapies for specific conditions.

Optimised Dosage

Dosages for all NutriKane products are established using the standard pharmaceutical process of 'Dose Response Curves' and identified scientifically to be effective for 85% of the population.

Ongoing Testing & Research

We test our products with a similar rigour to a pharmaceutical company developing new drugs. We have data from over 10 years of research and trials with more research underway.

A complete list of trials and information can be found at

Not sure which NutriKane product is right for you?

Compare the benefits of our Farmerceutical range.

Delivered regularly, to keep you regular!

Get a tub of NutriKane R delivered to your door every month. 

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Kevin CondonKevin Condon
23:09 17 Feb 22
Nutrikane has helped reduce my blood sugar levels based on pathology results and also has assisted bowel movement. Very positive about it as part of my daily routine.
Lesley LewisLesley Lewis
00:29 07 Dec 21
Delivered promptly. Nice flavour. More energy
Craig LeckieCraig Leckie
22:32 17 Nov 21
Great product. Digestion is much better since taking this product and did assist in lowering my BSL, very happy with NutriKane D.
Nicole McHaleNicole McHale
01:42 10 Sep 21
Arrived from Australia to US west coast in a week. I don't love the actual drink but do like the evenness I feel a couple hours after drinking it. Have yet to go to Dr and be evaluated for BG. Time will tell on that.
Simon de CrespignySimon de Crespigny
01:47 15 Jul 21
Nutrikane dropped my blood sugar levels from Type 2 Diabetic to normal over two years. Amazing result as i was not obese or eating processed or junk foods. My diet was very good already. Thanks

For the curious.


Yes, including Polyphenols and Flavonoids.

No. NutriKane D is almost completely free from carbohydrates so it won’t interfere with any carbohydrate calculations.

Yes, NutriKane D contains bio-available Chromium – essential for blood sugar management.

NutriKane D is free from any nasty preservatives and artificial chemicals.

While sugarcane fibre is one of the key the sugar component of the ingredient has been completely removed. However, there are some natural sugars from other ingredients present in the mix.






Yes. People with intolerance to certain foods (eg. gluten) will not have a high FODMAP reading when taking NutriKane D.

Yes, NutriKane J is gluten free.


When mixed with water, NutriKane J has the flavour of a natural, earthy and slightly spicy turmeric drink. It contains functional fibres which you may feel when drinking. Add more water to reduce the mouthfeel if required. Or, stir into juice, yoghurt or smoothies.

NutriKane R contains a combination of high quality pectin, soluble and insoluble fibres, antioxidants and essential minerals, all in bioavailable forms to body needs to assist regularity. 

Using standard chemical testing methods, the breakup of the fibre is about 80% insoluble and 20% soluble. Moreover, the fibre ingredients have an unusual structure as they are higher in xylose and lower in arabinose than most plant fibres. This insoluble fibre residue feeds the gut bacteria and therefore NutriKane D feeds a broader spectrum of the microbiome. NutriKane D also includes resistant starch as well as fibres which also feed the beneficial gut bacteria.

Sugarcane stem (sugar removed), red sorghum, ascorbic acid and citric acid (acidity regulators), natural orange flavour, natural beta carotene, vegetable gum, stevia (natural sweetener). NutriKane D contains NO Artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or chemical stimulants.

Collagen Peptides, Sugarcane Fibre (sugar removed), Red Sorghum, Turmeric, Maltodextrin, Natural Flavour, Vegetable Gums, Queen Garnet Plum Powder, Ascorbic Acid, Whole Kakadu Plum Powder, Whole Finger Lime Powder, Curcumin, Black Pepper, Monk Fruit Powder.

There are three key actives with sugarcane being one. We tested a wide range of ingredients while formulating NutriKane D. Sugarcane is remarkable as it absorbs many key micro-nutrients from the soil.


NutriKane is available in tubs, which are recyclable. 

NutriKane is safe for all ages. However, it’s not usually needed by children and so we don’t recommend it for children under 5.

This is normal and usually a very positive health benefit!

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