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How to promote Nutrikane

Promote NutriKane through your blog or email newsletter

Write a blog article for your website featuring NutriKane and use your affiliate URL to earn a commission on any sales driven through it.

Social Media

Create your own content to promote NutriKane via your social media platforms. Chat with us about creating a special intro offer for your network.

Website Banners

Place a banner ad for NutriKane on your website. We’ve got a bunch of pre-designed banners ready to rock in your affiliate portal.

Podcast, Video or Event

Chat with us about developing a unique landing page for your audience that can promote a special offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

NutriKane uses cookies to track affiliates and visits so referrals can be generated. When a customer comes to our website via an affiliate referral link (i.e. nutrikane.co.uk?ref=123), two main browser cookies are stored in order to track the referring affiliate, and the visit.

The cookies will then remain in the browser throughout the purchase process to track the correct affiliate so a referral can be generated for that affiliate.

The UK consumer brochure can be located here. Feel free to send this link to your audience as it has heaps of handy information about us and our products.

This URL is your way of linking your affiliate account to your potential NutriKane customers, so that you are linked to any purchases they make. To get started, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the page from this website that you want to direct customers to in a new tab and copy the URL address
  2. Paste this URL into the PAGE URL section and then click Create Custom Link.
  3. Your Custom Link will appear at the CUSTOM LINK section below.

Use this link to communicate to people about NutriKane (social media, email, blogs, podcasts etc.)

Note: You can create a number of different custom links depending on which page you want to send people to.

As an Affiliate, you are able to download and use any of the images within the Creatives section to promote our products.

For social media: Simply download the image and use it along with your referral URL or Custom Link to engage your audience.

For bloggers and website owners: Use the HTML code on your website or page. This image will then link through to our website with your referral URL already attached.

After 30 days from a successful conversion, payment will be deposited into your nominated PayPal account.

It is important that when communicating ANYTHING about the NutriKane™ products that the branding and images are consistent.

We also need to be VERY mindful of the various regulations around health products.

As a Food-as-Medicine product we need to comply with legislation.

Therefore, ONLY use images and logos provided, and mention any specific product claims as described on the website.

Within your Affiliate Area you can see the following:

  • Unpaid and paid referrals
  • Visit and conversion rate
  • Unpaid and paid earnings
  • Campaigns and visits
  • Unique links, no. converted and conversion rate.

You will not be able to access any identifying, personal or billing information of any customers you refer.

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